Vintap Cooling Weighted Blanket, King Size 80×87″ (25lbs)

$299.00 $229.00

  • 80×87″ Weighted Blanket: perfect for a king size bed
  • Made Of 400 Thread Count Cotton: the softest & highest quality on the market, highly breathable material that allows for better cooling while creating a soft silky impression on the skin
  • Evenly Distributed Weight: use of premium hypoallergenic glass beads, secure fastening system with 10 ties
  • Relax The Mind: our blankets hugs you, thus reducing stress and anxiety, improve mood and well-being
  • Deeper Sleep With A Natural Remedy: recover from the previous day*s exetions
  • A Sense Of Tranquility: imagine hugging Vintap, you’ll never want to let go
  • Deep Touch Pressure Therapy: gently calms adults and teens with ADHD, autism, and anxiety
  • Versatile Minky Handbag: carry your new weighted blanket with ease and safety, travel everywhere and wake up rejuvenated
  • Easily Machine Washable: premium materials + reinforced threats = guaranteed durability backed by our 1 year extended warranty
  • Thorough USA Quality–Check: ensures that all blankets are the right size & weight and arrive without damage