Are Weighted Blankets A Breakthrough For Adults With Anxiety And Insomnia?

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You can now improve your sleep and lower your anxiety in a matter of days without taking any pills. With the help of a weighted blanket, you can improve your sleeping patterns and wake up calm and rejuvenated.
And you don’t have to take our word for it. Several studies show that weighted blankets really work. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning.


What Are Weighted Blankets?

Now, this won’t come as a surprise, but a weighted blanket is exactly what you expect it to be. It’s a blanket that’s heavier than the blankets you’re used to. But even though a weighted blanket might not seem like much at a first glance, using it offers a host of benefits.

What Are Weighted Blankets Made Of?

Weighted blankets are made out of different materials. Some companies use linen, some use fleece, and others use different materials.
At Vintap, we use high-quality cotton for our blankets. The 400 thread count cotton is highly breathable, allowing your body to cool down during the night while creating a soft impression on your skin.

Why Are Weighted Blankets… Heavy?

So, what makes weighted blankets so heavy?

Well, the answer is hidden in the fabric. The blanket’s material determines how the blanket feels and whether you can wash it easily or not.
There are several types of materials manufacturers use to make the blankets heavier. Most companies use glass beads or plastic pellets for this purpose.
However, some manufacturers use millet, rice, or even lead for the same purpose. As you can imagine, you should avoid these products if you value quality and functionality.
At Vintap, we use premium hypoallergenic glass beads to add weights to our blankets. The glass beads are evenly distributed across the blanket’s surface, so each part of the blanket has the same weight.


How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

The scientific principle behind weighted blankets is called deep touch pressure (DTP). DTP is a therapy procedure where pressure is used to help someone who feels stressed, anxious, or overloaded. And even though you might not have heard of DTP until now, you’re certainly familiar with it.
Do you know the comforting feeling you get when someone hugs you? Well, that feeling is the result of DTP.
Here’s the deal. The pressure necessary for DTP can be applied in two ways. The first one is the one you’re familiar with. You can apply the pressure by skin brushing, hugging, or squeezing someone. And the second way of applying pressure is wearing clothing such as vests or being covered in… you guessed it, weighted blankets.

The Effects Of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP)

You might think that deep pressure touch is a new concept. Well, the truth is that DTP has been used in therapeutic purposes since the 1980s. Therapists used DTP when working with hyperactive children and adults because it helped them calm down.
A 1987 study presented in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy showed that college students were self-reportedly more relaxed after using a hugging machine. The scientists also measured the participants’ vital signs, and they discovered that the college students who used the hugging machine had lower heart rates than those who didn’t.
The calming effect of the hugging machine captivated the scientific world, so researchers set out to use it for different purposes.
In 1992, a study published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology revealed that DTP is an effective way of reducing the anxiety of children. The study concluded that DTP could be helpful for children with autistic disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Another study, this one conducted in 2007, showed that deep pressure touch can produce relaxing effects on adults suffering from anxiety.
Last but not least, a study published in 2006 examined the effectiveness of using a weighted blanket on a sample of 32 adults. After using the blanket, 78 percent of the participants said they preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality, and 63 percent reported they felt less anxious.


What Are Weighted Blankets Used For?

You might be wondering what weighted blankets are used for. Well, people choose them over regular blankets because they’re comfortable and can lower anxiety.
DTP is an effective way of lowering your anxiety because it stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine into your bloodstream. Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters, but people often call them “feel-good chemicals”.
Serotonin helps regulate your anxiety and mood. This neurotransmitter also plays an important role in your wake-sleep cycle.
Dopamine is a chemical involved in your brain’s reward system. When you accomplish something, your brain rewards you by releasing dopamine. The release of dopamine brings about positive feelings about a certain action.
The release of dopamine and serotonin lowers your anxiety and makes you feel good.
The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Adults With Anxiety And Insomnia
Now, you might be curious why using a weighted blanket would help with anxiety and insomnia. Well, the release of serotonin and dopamine lowers your anxiety levels, and that helps you sleep better.
Or maybe it’s the other way around – sleeping better lowers your anxiety, which in turn improves the quality of your sleep. The truth is, nobody really knows for sure. Scientists are still looking into it.
A study published in 2003 showed that sleep disturbances – especially insomnia – are highly prevalent in anxiety disorders. In fact, some medical definitions of anxiety disorders mention the lack of sleep.
You could say that anxiety and sleep disorders go hand in hand. Scientists might not be sure if anxiety leads to insomnia or the other way around, but it’s certain that fixing one helps with the other.


Why Should You Buy A Vintap Weighted Blanket For Adults?

Our weighted blankets are specially designed to hug you while you sleep. The blanket’s weight will put pressure on your nerves, and as a result, your brain will release more feel-good chemicals into your bloodstream.
Vintap blankets are made with premium hypoallergenic materials, and they’re machine washable. Our blankets are durable and have a one year extended warranty. Each blanket comes with a Minky cover that is soft to the touch and a Minky handbag, so you can take your weighted blanket with you every time you travel.

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