11 Reasons Why A Weighted Blanket Will Improve Your Sleep

Does this sound familiar? Every night, you go to bed, but sleep eludes you. So you stay awake, looking at the ceiling, hoping that one day you’ll find a solution to your sleep problems. The good news is, a Vintap weighted blanket might be exactly what you’ve been looking for all this time.

You might be wondering how a weighted blanket could help you improve your sleep. After all, you’ve been using blankets your entire life, and none of them helped you so far. Well, Vintap weighted blankets are different. Here’s why:

1. A Vintap Weighted Blanket Hugs You All Night Long

One of the benefits of using a Vintap weighted blanket is that it hugs you all night long. Thanks to the added weight, the blankets will cover you no matter how much you move in your sleep. You can say goodbye to waking up with your back cold in the middle of a chilly night.

2. The Blanket’s Weight Is Evenly Distributed

The Vintap weighted blanket is specially designed to hug your body, no matter which part of the blanket you’re using. The weighted hypoallergenic beads are evenly distributed across the blanket’s surface in 6.7 x 6.7 square pockets. All the pockets weigh the same, so the blanket will put an even pressure on your body whether you lay in the middle of your bed or on one of its sides.

3. The Vintap Blanket’s Weight Is Comforting

Using a weighted blanket is comforting and it can calm you down. Thanks to their weight, Vintap blankets put pressure on your nerves, which triggers an effect called deep touch pressure (DTP).
DTP has been used in behavioral therapy since the 1980s. This scientific principle was used to reduce the anxiety of children. But that changed at the beginning of the 21st century.
In 2006, a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts wondered whether the deep touch pressure principle could be effective for adults as well. So the team provided weighted blankets to a sample of adult test subjects and measured the outcomes.
The results were inspiring. After using a weighted blanket, 78 percent of the participants reported that the weighted blanket was successful at calming them down, and 63 percent said that they felt less anxious after using one.

4. Vintap Weighted Blankets Can Lower Your Anxiety And Improve Your Mood

Using a Vintap weighted blanket can relieve your anxiety and improve your mood. The blanket’s extra weight produces a comforting feeling, much like being hugged does.
This might sound surprising, but the pressure produced by a weighted blanket is similar to the pressure your body registers when you’re being held. And this pressure stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin into your bloodstream.
Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are commonly called “feel-good chemicals”. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays key roles in your memory, happiness, and inner reward system.
Whenever you do something like completing a task, passing an exam, or doing a good deed, your brain releases dopamine into your bloodstream, improving your mood and making you feel good about yourself.
Serotonin helps your brain regulate your wake-sleep cycle, and it plays a role in lowering your anxiety and improving your mood. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters your brain uses to counteract the effects of stress. By countering the effects of stress, serotonin lowers your anxiety.

5. Vintap Weighted Blankets Use Hypoallergenic Materials

We use only hypoallergenic materials for the Vintap weighted blankets. The blanket itself is made out of 400 thread count cotton, a breathable material that’s soft on the skin. The added weight is provided by hypoallergenic glass beads that are firmly secured into the blanket’s pockets.
The blanket comes with a Minky fabric cover that feels like cashmere on your skin. In addition, each weighted blanket also comes with bamboo pillow cases. Bamboo is a feathery soft, hypoallergenic plant material that’s sustainably made.

6. Vintap Weighted Blankets Are Made With Highly Breathable Materials

The Vintap weighted blankets are made out of high-quality cotton. The 400 thread count cotton is highly breathable and ensures great air circulation, allowing you to use the blanket during the warm season.
Another advantage is that the bamboo pillow cases are also highly breathable, keeping you comfortable both in the warm and the cold season.

7. The Weighted Blankets Come With Soft And Secure Covers

Vintap weighted blankets come with a soft Minky cover that will improve your comfort during the cold season. The cover is soft and cashmere-like, and it’s easy to secure or remove.
The cover is secured to the weighted blanket in 10 spots for the regular and queen-sized blankets, and 12 places for the king-sized one. You can rest assured that you won’t be able to remove the cover in your sleep, no matter how much you twist and turn.
In addition, the Minky cover comes with a SBS indestructible zipper so you can access the inner blanket with ease whenever you need to.
The luxuriously soft bamboo pillow cases are odor resistant and have antibacterial proprieties. The pillow cases fit all standard-sized pillows.

8. Vintap Weighted Blankets Are Easy To Maintain

Both the weighted blanket and the Minky cover are machine washable, so they are very easy to maintain.
Even though you can put the blanket and the cover in the dryer, you shouldn’t tumble dry them to prolong their life span.

9. Vintap Weighted Blankets Help With Restless Leg Syndrome

Vintap weighted blankets act like a mild, steady hug around your legs. This may help alleviate the symptoms of those who suffer from restless leg syndrome.
In addition, deep touch pressure also promotes the production of serotonin, helping you feel calmer and less anxious during sleep, when the symptoms of restless leg syndrome flare up.

10. The Blanket’s Size And Weight Help You Sleep Better

Each Vintap weighted blanket is specially designed to concentrate the weight on your body. Simply put, the blankets are designed to hug you when you sleep. This will lower your anxiety and improve the quality of your sleep.
The weighted blankets are slightly smaller than regular ones to aggregate the weight on your body and ensure your comfort throughout the night and facilitate sleep.

This is especially useful as you grow older. As you age, there’s an increased risk of suffering from insomnia, which can lead to various health problems. It’s also common for older adults to notice changes in their sleep-wake cycle.
Using a Vintap weighted blanket should make it easier to settle down for sleep and should help you feel more refreshed in the morning.

11. Vintap Weighted Blankets Come With A Satisfaction Guarantee

The Vintap weighted blankets come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. Just check out what our clients had to say about our products.

At Vintap, we believe good sleep is important at every age. We are committed to helping you sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning. Our weighted blankets come in different sizes, so make sure you choose the right one for your bed.
When you purchase a Vintap weighted blanket, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will improve the quality of your sleep.

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